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Creating Your Vision

I’m Phillip Rex Huddleston, and I'm fortunate to have built PRH Creative by doing what I love. For over a decade, I have illustrated and designed visual assets, produced and recorded music, and collaborated with clients local and international.

Whether you're looking for a logo design, branding consulting, soundtrack music or more, PRH Creative is your one-stop destination for personalized and practical creative solutions that bring your vision to life.


For more information about the creative process, portfolio of former client work, or collaborating on an upcoming project, get in touch today.


· illustration and portraiture work for Ink Global, Stephens Inc, Historic Arkansas Museum, THE IDLE CLASS magazine

· graphic design work for companies such as Omnia Analytics and Six Bridges Book Festival

· web designer for sites such as Jay Jennings, Argenta Reading Series, and Gabe Mayhan

· curator and director of Garland House Shows

· production manager for documentary We Have Just Begun, a documentary on the Elaine massacre 

· coordinator and designer for Splice Microcinema

· illustrator of The Southern Literary Prints series, as seen at South on Main and available on Etsy


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