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For over a decade, I have sold many of my prints on Etsy. This collection exemplifies many of my literary and cultural interests.

literary comics

The Literary Comics series began as a commission to create a one page comic of a Southern short story. Over a decade, I have added multiple other comics to the series featuring short story adaptations of Flannery O'Connor, William Faulkner, Italo Calvino, and more.

Italo Calvino
Raymond Chandler
Flannery O'Connor
William Faulkner

twin peaks

The cultural and aesthetic significance of David Lynch's Twin Peaks has held sway over me for over 25 years. Meanwhile, I have created multiple prints in honor of this epoch defining show. The first includes David Lynch's iconic line from The Return. The second is a part of the Inktober challenge of 2019 in which a Twin Peaks drawing was drawn each day based on a one word prompt.

David Lynch
Twin Peaks

quote card series

As a challenge to learn the ins and outs of digital illustration, I created the Quote Card Series featuring many of my favorite authors alongside many of my favorite quotes. These cards have been featured in gallery shows and are often reprinted for sale on Etsy.

the southern writerS SERIES

Illustrate for a game in which each player acts as a publisher attempting to publish the most, high-selling books by famous authors, the Southern Writers Series shows analog illustrations with pen and Copic markers edited by digital means.

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